Vince Reed

Comprised of children, youth, teens, and adults who demonstrate the power of worshipping God through the beauty of movement and dance, United Baptist Church Mime Ministry is very vital to the regular Sunday Worship service experience.  It provides service throughout Akron as the ministry embodies the mandate “to let everything...

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Toni Addie

The Fellowship Ministry designs, hosts, and supports fellowships for UBC Church on an on-going basis as well as for special services, holidays, and events. The goal of this ministry is to provide a fellowship that is both comforting and welcoming to members, guests, and visitors.

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Ruth Ruggs - UBC Mass Choir

Ruth Ruggs

Under the leadership of the Director of Music & Worship, this ministry serves UBC Church by providing music and worship for all worship experiences. The M&W Ministry includes representatives from all performance ministry aggregations: choirs (8 & 11am Mass choir, Women’s Choir, and Male Chorus Choir), mime (Word Became Dance),...

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Pam Curry - President Interpreting Ministry

Pam Curry

Holy Hands Ministry shares the love of God with those who are deaf and hearing-impaired by interpreting the 11:00 am Worship Service and reaching out to the deaf community within Summit County. The ministry prays that God will lead interpreters and deaf members to find a place to belong at...

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Jessie Meadows - President Courtesy Ministry

Jessie Meadows

UBC Courtesy Greeters station themselves in the vestibule and rear area before worship services to offer a friendly smile, directions, and assistance to our visitors. The goal of this ministry is to ensure visitors feel welcome and have an uplifting experience that encourages them to come back again, again and...

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Sis. Jerelene Jones - President Usher Board

Jerelene Jones

Ushers greet and direct worshipers on sacred ground with a warm and embracing spirit. This ministry maintains an atmosphere of consecration and reflection toward God during worship service. The ushers seat members and visitors in an orderly manner, directs appropriate movement during service and offering collection.

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Dee Dee Pitts - Women's Ministry (U-WOW)

Dee Dee Pitts

The United Women of Wholeness Ministry is committed to serving the entire community at large placing a special emphasis on women empowerment and teen mentorship to young ladies. We are dedicated to sharing the word of God in an effort to uphold our church mission of, “Saving Souls, and Salvaging...

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Reverend Tracy Lee - S.O.S. Ministry

Reverend Tracy Lee

The Serving Our Saints (S.O.S.) Ministry develops and supports Christian Fellowship activities for all seniors. We sponsor senior game nights quarterly, yearly discounted bus trips, luncheons and movie matinees. For more information, please contact Rev. Tracy Lee or Sis. Connie Mitchell.

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Minister Lynn Driver - President Intecessory Prayer Team

Minister Lynn Driver

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry at UBC Church is designed to teach about the need for and practice of prayer and to “stand in the gap” by praying for members, friends, the Summit County community, State, Country, and the world.

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